Sounds of Silver

Sounds of Silver

Silver Flash

Silver Flash

Sounds of Silver

Krylon spray canKrylon® Glitter Blast™

Crank up the sparkle. If your speakers are looking far worse than they sound, shine them up with a few coats of Glitter Blast™ for a finish that rocks the house.

Dry time: 20 minutes

You'll need:

  • A set of speakers
  • Krylon® Glitter Blast™ Silver Flash
  • A drop cloth or newspaper
  • Medium grit sandpaper (optional)
  • A damp rag
  • Painter's tape
  • Step 1: Set Up Your Station.

    Before you start, make sure you’ve set up a painting station in a well-ventilated space, with newspaper or a drop cloth. Be sure to read the Krylon® label for safety and application instructions, and follow them accordingly. If your speakers are smaller in size, it might help to construct a spray paint booth to protect your area from overspray (optional). You can create a spray paint booth using a cardboard box and a Lazy Susan (which can be slowly turned for smooth, even coverage).

  • Step 2: Prepare Surface.

    Clean your speakers. Wipe them down with a damp rag to remove any dust or grime. Then, lightly score them with the medium grit sandpaper, to give the paint a slightly rougher surface to adhere to (optional).

  • Step 3: Tape It Off.

    Delicate parts of the speakers shouldn’t be painted. To ensure that everything still functions when you’re done, cover any knobs, wires, holes, and/or sound-emitting parts with painters tape.

  • Step 4: Shake.

    Shake the can of Glitter Blast™ Silver Flash thoroughly, for at least two minutes. Do this regularly throughout the painting process, to ensure the paint flows smoothly.

  • Step 5: Spray.

    Spray paint the speakers. For best results, apply light, even coats in a sweeping motion with slight overlap, starting and ending each stroke off the piece you’re spraying. When the speakers are dry to the touch, remove the tape—waiting until the project is fully dry could cause peeling or chipping. Then, let your speakers dry completely. After that, they’re ready to rock!

Krylon® color used

  • Silver Flash

    Glitter Blast™

    Silver Flash