Lamp Revamp

Krylon spray canKrylon® Fusion All-In-One®

Who doesn’t love a pop of color? Nothing ties a room together like a bold accent piece—and nothing brings bold to life like a fresh coat of paint. Refresh a tarnished light fixture again and again with a few coats of Krylon® Fusion All-In-One®

Dry time: 10 minutes or less

You'll need:

  • An old light fixture
  • Krylon® Fusion All-In-One® Metallic Gold
  • A drop cloth
  • A damp rag
  • A wire brush or bristle pad (optional)
  • Tape or tin foil
  • Step 1: Set Up Your Station.

    Set up a spray paint area by covering your work space with a drop cloth. Make sure that the space is well-ventilated. Before beginning your project, read the Krylon® label for safety and application instructions, and follow them accordingly.

  • Step 2: Prepare Surface.

    Wipe the lamp down with a damp rag to remove any excess dirt or dust. If the lamp is rusty or has an unsmooth surface, scrub it with the wire brush or bristle pad. Then, wipe the lamp down again with the rag and let fully dry.

  • Step 3: Tape It Off.

    Cover up the wire and pull chain of the lamp using the tape and/or tin foil. This protects it from overspray—so, if there’s anything else you don’t want to spray, cover that, too.

  • Step 4: Shake.

    Shake the can of Krylon® Fusion All-In-One® Metallic Gold thoroughly, for at least two minutes.

  • Step 5: Spray.

    Spray down the lamp. For best results, apply light, even coats in a sweeping motion with slight overlap, starting and ending the spray pattern off the project. Allow your project to dry fully before use.

Ready for something new?

Simply sand the lamp down and respray with the color of your choice.

  • Emerald Green

    Krylon® COLORmaxx

    Emerald Green
  • Satin Island Splash

    Krylon® COLORmaxx

    Satin Island Splash
  • Gloss Burgundy

    Krylon® COLORmaxx

    Gloss Burgundy
  • Gloss Coral Isle

    Krylon® COLORmaxx

    Gloss Coral Isle