Chalk It Up

Chalk It Up

Chalkboard Paint Black

Chalkboard Paint Black

Chalk It Up

Krylon spray canKrylon® Chalkboard Paint

Bring a little piece of the classroom to your kitchen. Chalkboard cabinets are excellent for notes, grocery lists, recipes and doodles. Who says drawing is only for kids?

Dry time: Dries to handle in 3 hours; allow 24 hours before initial use

You'll need:

  • Cabinet doors
  • Krylon® Chalkboard Paint Black
  • A drop cloth or newspaper
  • 100 grit sandpaper
  • A damp rag
  • Wood putty (optional)
  • Step 1: Set Up Your Station.

    Before you start, make sure you’ve set up a painting station in a well-ventilated space, with newspaper or a drop cloth. Be sure to read the Krylon® label for safety and application instructions, and follow them accordingly.

  • Step 2: Take Them Apart.

    Detach your cabinet doors from their frames and bring them to your work space.

  • Step 3: Prepare Surface.

    Sand each cabinet door with the 100 grain sand paper. For best results, sand along the wood’s grain and use light, even strokes. When you’re done, clean the cabinet off with a damp rag. If your cabinet has any holes or dings, use the wood putty to fill them in (optional).

  • Step 4: Shake.

    Shake the can of Chalkboard Paint Black thoroughly, for at least two minutes. Do this regularly throughout the painting process, to ensure the paint flows smoothly.

  • Step 5: Spray.

    Spray your cabinet doors with the Chalkboard Paint Black. For best results, apply light, even coats in a sweeping motion with slight overlap, starting and ending each stroke off the cabinet door.

  • Step 6: Reattach.

    After the final coat, allow the cabinet doors to dry for 24 hours. Before first use, break the surface in by rubbing the entire area with a piece of chalk and then erasing it. Once the cabinet doors are prepped, they’re ready to go! Reattach them to their frames and get started on that grocery list.

Krylon® color used

  • Chalkboard Black

    Chalkboard Paint

    Chalkboard Black